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Sometimes, means of transportation need transportation themselves. Moving vehicles often falls to car haulers. Within the trucking industry, these transport groups serve special purposes. They have to move heavy machinery, safely, over long distances. So, as a professional car hauling service, you must work professionally. READ MORE >>

All dump truck companies understand the importance of driver safety. These operators transport sensitive materials. They also operate heavy machinery in risky situations. Therefore, they need protection. Both trucking companies and independent operators can benefit from commercial auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Long-haul truckers, you spend hours on the open road. You’re likely an expert on every truck stop between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. However, those hours start to mount, and they can wear you down if you don’t watch out. Federal law governs how long truckers can work without stopping. READ MORE >>

Trucking insurance for dump trucks mostly falls under the general umbrella of commercial vehicle insurance. This specialized type of coverage protects the business interests usually associated with dump truck operations. You often have to include driving coverage in your policy. READ MORE >>

When truckers hit the road, they pose risks not just to themselves. Their actions may harm the trucker's business, as well as other drivers. If a trucker does not drive safely or ethically, they might put many different people at risk. A common risk posed by drivers is the chance that they may drive under the influence of alcohol. READ MORE >>

If you own a trucking company, you transport thousands of pounds of product every year. In most cases, your products get from one location to the next without any level of concern. That's a good thing. However, mistakes are made by drivers and in other cases, accidents occur due to no fault of your driver at all. READ MORE >>

In these days of uncertain fuel costs, it's tempting to reduce costs by shopping for cheaper trucking insurance. However, the real value of any type of vehicle policy comes when it is time to make a claim. While everybody wants to enjoy reasonable premiums, it's important to understand why one insurer may be cheaper than another. READ MORE >>

Thieves don’t always need an elaborate plan to steal the cargo off a truck like you see in the movies. Instead, they can steal cargo while a driver is using the restroom or running into a convenience store to grab a snack. If the truck is idling and the keys are in plain sight, it can be easy for a thief to steal the cargo, or the entire truck. READ MORE >>

Ask any driver who spends hours on the road each day driving a big rig how safe the roads are and you are likely to get an ear full of the close calls they have had while driving. Driving a large eighteen-wheeler with a load on the back can be dangerous on its own. READ MORE >>

As a trucker, you know how important trucking insurance can be. But you also want to keep your insurance costs down to avoid paying too much out of pocket. There are many things that can attribute to higher insurance costs. Here are three reasons why your trucking insurance may have increased over the years. READ MORE >>

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